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My Verizon

Channel shifting customer behavior from support calls to self service online.
User Experience Lead

The Challenge

For the over 100 million Verizon subscribers, managing their wireless account wasn't easy. Customers were angry about the outdated online member platform and long hold times over the phone.

Customer Insight

Millennial customers have a do-it-yourself mindset and expected to make account changes on their own. They would rather learn how to fix their own issue than talk to sales or support team members.

The Work

This was a business transformation journey to truly personalize the signed-in customer experience. Verizon members were given a new, unified omni-channel experience that incorporated learnings from desk research, call center interviews, the My Verizon App redesign, and a customer co-creation workshop held in New York. Unlimited data brought new challenges in how familes paid their bills. The team restructured the billing taxonomy to be more understandable and to reduce common questions. For plans with multiple lines, all charges are now organized by family member in print, app, and online.

“A personal guide that provides the solutions you need, when you need them.”
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For the one third of Americans with a Verizon plan, this project helped make their lives a little easier. The channel shift to self service online saved millions annually in call center cost reductions.

6 weeks discovery

6 weeks concepting

8 months detail design

Support Call Volume

Device Upgrades

New Lines of Service

CX operational efficiency

User Experience Lead. In almost a full year of my career, I grew from a key player on the team to managing the team. I oversaw multiple tracks of creative development. At the end of the project, my design partner, Thomas (Design Lead) and I were managing 4 sprint teams, each team having a Sr. Visual Designer, and Sr. Experience Designer. We shared two copywriters across all four teams. We worked closely with Dave Tupper (GCD) at AKQA to keep all work consistent across the teams. We had weekly all-day workshops in Basking Ridge New Jersey. We worked through the details of business rules with subject matter experts.

Full Creative Team:

Kim Laama, Executive Creative Director
David Clarke, Group Creative Director
Dave Tupper, Group Creative Director
Brad Donnelley, UX Director
Thomas Loizeau, Design Lead
Joshua Williams, UX Lead
Tesja Bonnie, Senior Copywriter
Sara Commet, Senior Copywriter
Joe Vu, Senior Designer
Ruth Baughan, Senior UX Designer
Hiye Shin, Senior UX Designer
Derek Glazier, Senior Designer
Shaun Cronin, Senior Designer
Abby Kalen, Designer

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