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Luxury Hotel Experience

Channel shifting call center customer behavior to online engagement and data management.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Creative Director of Experience Design

The Challenge

Mandarin Oriental is a luxury hotel group with a rich history and a fan following. After a slow year in sales, they wanted to remind their fans what it felt like to visit one of their 40 hotels, 12 residences and 23 exclusive homes. Together with Valtech, we reimagined the digital customer engagement strategy with a refreshed website.

Customer Insight

New luxury travelers are looking for experiences that deepen their understanding of local cultures. Social media has set expectations of immersive videos and detailed photos before they embark on a trip.

The Work

The team connected the hotel and exclusive home marketing into a new global web platform. It is now easier than ever to rent a private island like long-time fan, Morgan Freeman. Inspired by e-commerce mental models, the team rebuilt the Mandarin digital ecosystem from the ground up. Editorial content was retagged and cross-linked to hotels in the region, boosting SEO. For guests who travel often, an all-new fan profile captured detailed preferences that integrate with front of house concierge services. The hotel booking experience was simplified into fast closed loops to allow for any number of special request. Guests who usually need to call the manager's personal cell phone for additional rooms, multi-destination weekends, or any number of Mandarin Oriental Fan Club perks can now find the same options online. We made it faster for guest to book their favorite room for a night.

Revenue year-over-year up 42% after site launch. I call that a strong comeback.

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The site launch was successful at engaging new and old fans to book their next trip with Mandarin.


Mandarin Oriental updates digital experience by Hotel Management

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Year-over-year post launch:

90.8% ↑

Organic traffic

10.0% ↑

Site engagement

40.0% ↑

Revenue per booking

42.0% ↑


I partnered with Shalimar on day-to-day creative planning and oversight for the MOHG account at Valtech during the site redesign and post launch enhancements.

Full Creative Team:

Seth Japlon, ECD

Joshua Williams, CD XD

Shalimar Luis, CD VD

Tien Pham, Sr. VD

Matthew Zaszewski, Sr. VD

Samanta Carreño, VD

Alexandra Tolk, Sr. Copywriter

Nicole Fieger, Sr. UX
Kelly L’Heureux, UX

Raquel Dalarossa, Sr. Strategist

Jose Collins, Content Strategy

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